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Ramadan Planner (2019 edition)


Here is the Ramadan Planner 100% Free by My Sweet Creations

To help you organize and take stock every day on your meals, your adorations, your supererogatory prayers I have concocted this nice Planner to set up your Ramadan in the best ways!

With Guest surprises to delight you!

A complete and completely new planner.

Effective content, 1 pages per day, 4 weekly to have a week at a glance, a shopping list with Must have Ramadan, refreshing drink recipes, a pages of invocations, a page of hadith, the list of 99 names of Allah from the Qur'an and prophetic tales, an insert to record your days fasting or not, A little quiz on Ramadan to do with your children, and finally a page on Aid al Fitr and his sunnah, zakat and measures but especially especially full of bonus gifts ...

CHUT I will not say more

To download it just add it to the cart and validate as a normal order no amount will be required then once the command is validated the link list will appear; it's up to you to download it. Then print your planner in A5 format

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My Sweet Creations - Graphic Designer and Talent Webmaster

Offers you a pretty ramadan free planner to download to organize your Ramadan.

Do not hesitate to share with your friends, relatives ... in order to facilitate together the reading of the Koran and the various adorations.

Boxes are made to leave you space to write your meals, list menus.


  1. sofitim -

    Magnificent. Thank you so much.

  2. Rachel -

    Assalaam 'aleykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh .... Jazak Allahu Kheir for this nice planner

  3. Imane -

    Salam alaykoum his rahmatullah thank you very much for this attention. Jazaki Allah rhayr

  4. Sonia -

    Salem oualeykoum my sweet creations a little message to thank you for your sharing for this month healthy for us ease in our organization Thank you very much <3

  5. Rokia Yasmine -

    Mashallah super beautiful and practical thank you bcp for this gift that Allah facilitates us all inshallah! Bisou

  6. imane -

    thank you very much it is super beautiful .canonnnnn

  7. Stefanie -

    Salam aleyki wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatouh downloaded hastily printed barakallahou fiki

  8. Latifa -

    Salam o'aleykoum oukhty baraka Allah ufiki for this beautiful initiative May Allah reward you.

  9. Nadia -

    Thank you very nice Kdo

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